Public Events

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Family Style dinners

$50 per person, BYOB, no corkage fee

Imagine being greeted at the door with a refreshing or warming beverage, such as Scotcharoo Hot Chocolate or Hibiscus Lemonade. Then take a seat at a table with up to nine other people (could be friends or strangers) at a to-be-determined location. Once all the attendees have arrived, snack on an amuse bouche, then dig in to a family-style feast (including a main dish and three to four side-dishes). Pass the platter around and help yourself, much like a holiday meal with family. All ingredients will be as local and seasonal as possible. Expect to make connections, embark on new friendships, and savor delicious food. Just be sure to save room for a plated dessert, served alongside coffee or tea.

Tasting Menu

BYOB with no corkage fee. Price per person determined by the scope of the menu.

Enjoy a more focused expression of people and place in an inspired and refined multi-course dinner. The menu, crafted utilizing local ingredients and advanced techniques, may contain four to 10+ courses that include one or more amuse bouches, and a palate cleanser.

Seasonal/Collaborative Events

Price per person and details are specific to each event

There are countless amazingly talented people in Des Moines who have a desire to bring people together and make the world a better place. These events are an opportunity to highlight locals and the incredible things they do